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Helping Our Environment

  All decisions for Oba's All Natural Snow Cones were made with the environment in mind.

   Only organic sugar is used to make our syrups.  Using organic sugar reduces the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers while promoting sustainable farming methods.

  One thing that you will notice is that we only sell one size of snow cone.  When we considered how to serve our delicious ice, we realized that there is much less waste in the paper cone form as compared to cups, spoons, and straws. The cones we choose are made with 70% plant-based renewable resources, using paperboard that is approved from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and are compostable. 

  We use a rechargeable battery to power our snow cone machine.  The battery is recharged using power from renewable energy certificates. This system also allows our snow cones to be made anywhere with no stinky gas fumes and no loud generator noises!

   We choose recycled products whenever they are available, such as our table cloths, our napkins, and even our business cards!

   We share ways to help the environment, please check out the resources on the right giving you ways you could help the environment!

In the future...

   Our vision for the future is to have an electric/ solar powered

snow cone truck fleet serving delicious organic snow cones across the USA!

World Peace
Here are some awesome resources!

 -Are you a PECO customer? Save money and the Earth by switching to renewable energy credits.  Click here for information on how to do it!

-Thinking about switching to solar power? Check out this website Project Sunroof, you can type in your address and it will use satellite images to estimate your initial cost and potential savings!

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